Walletory for business

Walletory for Business

We are Major Payment Institution established in Asia's FinTech Hub - Singapore, built for companies with a global reach.

Do you need a digital wallet solution for your website or platform?

Transact with other Walletory Customers

We are great for holding companies that are doing transactions within one group and need to use same environment, cheep transfers between their companies and train they employee only in one ecosystem.

But not just that. For companies that transact with other enterprises that are registered with Walletory we offer instant transfers, short-cut payments and much more.

Your account is done all online

Your account can be done same day of registration. We are using modern technology to verify UBOs and Directors so if your company structure is simple and your business activity is in low risk framework we are happy to onboard you in one day.

But even for challenging structures in medium and high risk sectors we are ready for it. And all online. Just we need to perform proper DueDilligence to fulfill all regulatory requirements properly.

Over Seas Payment I Singapore to Japan oriented

We are specializing on enterprises that have any business activity in Singapore to Japan corridor. We build for those companies tailor made product that understand their needs and our long term plan is to innovate and keep position as the best company for transaction on this on this corridor.

API-driven local collection for your online business

Walletory Bridge is our core product for merchants. It is API-driven payment method that is an alternative to standard “card payments” and allows customers to use bank wires for purchasing your goods or services. We are offering local payment collection in various countries around the world.

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