Walletory for business

One payment partner for all your companies in your international group

We've made a Group Payment System for businesses with multiple branches. Owners, CFOs, and accountants will love it. It allows free transfers between branches, a single dashboard for all payment data, and easy reporting for accountants.

Do you need a digital wallet solution for your website or platform?

Accept and pay out funds like being local

If you operate few companies you usually have bank account with one bank. But for international businesses that needs to operate globally in various country standard banking is not enough.

Your Walletory Business account has ability to top-up in various countries and do pay-outs in more then 25 countries in the world.

Eliminate unnecessary fees for your International group

In bigger company structures so many small fees are lost because is your bank accounts and e-money accounts not under one roof. Few pennies here and there, sometimes bad exchange rate on certain pairs etc.

This cost you thousands or maybe tens of thousands USD dollars. What about to have all transaction in one ecosystem for free and have competitive currency exchange rate?

One environment for accounts makes their work easier

Your accountant will appreciate having one access point for all your business accounts. They can properly plan transactions between group companies and manage them in one simple interface.

Currency Exchange service

All our business partners have access to our dealing phone line where we provide them with the best quotes available on the market. No more expensive currency transactions.