Walletory is a digital wallet for people who sell, shop and socialize online. Walletory makes payments simple, safe and accessible for the thriving peer‑to‑peer economy.


What is

When doing business in a peer-to-peer setting, both parties can experience a lack of confidence. Walletory is an e-Wallet and payment platform created to support the needs of online communities that transact between themselves.

Walletory for business

Walletory for business

Integrate Walletory with your website or platform to power peer-to-peer payments.

As a business person, your instincts tell you to make payments as easy as possible for your customers or users. Walletory provides a number of simplistic solutions to help online and offline merchants accept instant payments.

Walletory for business

Walletory for you

Pay for products or services in peer-to-peer communities with confidence.

Walletory is ideal for anyone who makes or receives regular payments in online communities. Walletory is designed to meet the needs of the thriving sharing economy and makes payments safer for buyers and sellers.

Powering Peer-to-Peer Payments
throughout Asia and around the world

Walletory is everywhere you are

Walletory is everywhere you are

Just like your physical wallet, your Walletory account is always by your side. Log in from anywhere in the world to access your digital wallet.

Brought to you by industry professionals

Brought to you by
industry professionals

Walletory is supported by a team of industry experts who are passionate about payments. We have strong backgrounds in banking, payments, ecommerce and digital services.

Did you know it takes just minutes to open a Walletory account?
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