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Walletory is Making Money Easy

Most companies are only interested in making easy money. We’re interested in making money easy.

Most eMoney businesses aren't addressing complex problems that have emerged as many industries have taken their business online. Most eWallets just challenge banks by competing on price. That’s easy money. Walletory is addressing the problems that other eMoney businesses neglect due to the brevity of different niches. At Walletory, we care about making payments painless, accessible and easy.


At Walletory, our mission is to make payments painless for everyone participating in the sharing economy.

As more people take their businesses online, new niches emerge, and the demand for digital payments grows. If you're operating a website for freelancers, a marketplace, a community, renting short-stay properties, selling second-hand cars or using any of these services, Walletory is for you.


Walletory is supported by a team of industry experts. We have backgrounds in banking, payments, ecommerce and digital services.

Vimala Chandrarajan
Vimala Chandrarajan
Marek Bocanek
Marek Bocanek
David Kasper
David Kasper
Vimala Chandrarajan

Vimala spent the last ten years in the legal industry specializing in AML/CFT compliance. Before being the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of an MNC, Vimala worked for the Ministry of Law and the Law Society of Singapore, where she actively contributed towards some of Singapore’s AML/CFT laws. The dynamic nature of AML/CFT keeps her engaged and spurs her towards finding unconventional yet practical and simple solutions to ensure robust compliance.

Marek Bocanek

Marek has collected a comprehensive range of practical experiences throughout his career, which shapes the payment operations and procedures at Walletory. His know-how in payment acquisition, collateral management, compliance, transaction monitoring and product management make him a strong leader. Besides being a payments industry specialist, Marek is a Doctor of Law and a Doctor of Business Administration.

David Kasper

David is the co-founder of Purple Holding. The Group has launched and invested in almost a dozen firms in the financial services industry. Besides boasting a high success rate in business ventures, Purple Holding runs a Foundation that allows the companies to give back in the regions they operate. David is a visionary who loves to activate new projects and businesses. David supports the Walletory team with great ideas and inspiration.


We're building something we can be proud of. Our vision to improve payments goes further than addressing speed, cost and simplicity.


Ensure restaurant staff are fairly compensated from their tips without struggling with issues from a cashless economy.


Enable shops and other businesses to accept eMoney without any plastic or paper.


Enable businesses to open bank accounts without printing any documents or travelling to a branch or office.

Walletory History

David Kasper

David Kasper

Shareholder of Walletory PTE Ltd.

There is a saying that goes 'Overnight success takes about 10 years' and I believe that's true. We have worked hard for the last 15 years to establish a solid foundation in terms of finances, personnel, and knowledge, in order to create a payment institution that is easy to use, has a strong vision, and makes your life easier.


Walletory began by offering services to a smaller group of individuals and companies, optimizing its processes to eventually extend its services to a wider range of customers. At the same time, it expanded its payout methods to numerous countries, enabling the provision of various payout options in over 20 countries worldwide.


Walletory received approval from MAS to complete the transition to a full Major Payment Institution and began planning to launch new services that are possible to offer under this new type of license.


New legislation has been introduced in Singapore to regulate e-money businesses under the new MAS act. Walletory began working on the transition from a Stored Value Facility company to a full Major Payment Institution business. The Walletory team expanded, and the Singapore office grew.


In an effort to build more than just a one-man show business, David, in cooperation with his colleagues, co-founded Purple Next. This company is dedicated to developing fintech and e-money systems, covering project management, product design, and final delivery.


David established Walletory Pte. Ltd. with a vision to enhance the financial services provided by his other ventures, while simultaneously making it easier for people around the world to pay, accept payments, and more. The first regulated activity of Walletory was Stored Value Facility services.


The company transitioned from merely offering brokerage services to becoming a full-scale fintech software company with in-house development teams capable of creating fintech apps and turning David’s vision into reality.


The previous business activity was converted into our own brokerage company, which allowed global customers to trade forex, indices, and commodities.


David, the founder of Walletory, along with his business partners, started their first international company in the fintech space, aiming at the financial brokerage industry. At that time, they focused on copy trading and social trading systems for end-users and brokerages.

Walletory is everywhere you are

Just like your physical wallet, your Walletory account is always by your side. Log in from anywhere in the world to access your digital wallet.

Walletory is everywhere you are